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The Demolition Waste Disposal Services

Wastes from demolished structures need proper management and demolition waste disposal. Demolition waste debris may include insulation, electrical wiring, rebar, wood, concrete, and bricks and other materials. Suburban Carting offers waste containers and pickup services that will cart debris and waste away from your site.

The Government’s Response

Government authorities often require material sorting before demolition waste removal to landfills or treatment facilities. Some demolitions may not begin before authorities ascertain whether the project has followed safety guidelines and restrictions for handling of lead, asbestos, or radioactive elements. Prior to demolition waste removal, it is much easier to assess a standing structure than a pile of debris after demolition.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published policy goals for demolition waste disposal, reduction, and reuse:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the waste stream,
  • Promote development of best practices for reduction, recovery, and recycling of demolition wastes,
  • Foster markets for recycled wastes as building product components,
  • Work with demolition industry leaders to implement more resource-efficient practices, and
  • Incorporate demolition waste recycling issues into broad green building programs.

Suburban Carting Offers Demolition Waste Disposal Pickup

After the structure has been demolished, Suburban Carting can help. Our products and services help customers manage demolition waste disposal. Suburban Carting offers pickup services and dumpsters that will allow businesses to easily dispose of their demolition waste. Suburban Carting has the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to help customers stay in compliance with all demolition waste disposal regulatory requirements. Call us today at (914) 698-4300 or visit our contact page.


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