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Residential Trash Service and Recycling

truckSuburban Carting provides weekly or twice weekly curbside trash pickup and single stream recycling collection* services to homeowners in Putnam County. We have several options for collection to fit all types of households. In addition, you have the option of convenient in-driveway service for a small additional fee. We also offer discounts to seniors.

Basic Once a Week Residential Trash Service includes once a week trash collection (limited to 48 gallons per week), single stream recycling collection* and 2 bulk pickups** per year. 

Toter Rental is available for $5 per month if not included in package.

Senior Citizen discount of 10% available.

Back door/in driveway service is an additional $15/month

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*Single stream recycling is a recycling method in which your glass, metal containers, plastic containers #1-6 and paper and cardboard products are collected all together from one recycling container. This will consolidate your recycling efforts and make it easier for your family recycle. With single stream recycling the following items can all go into the same collection container:

  • Glass: clear, green and amber colored jars and bottles which are used to store food and beverages
  • Metal containers: for food and beverages
  • Plastic containers: with recycling codes 1 and 6
  • Newspapers and glossy inserts
  • Office paper (copy, fax)
  • Junk Mail (catalogs, brochures, envelopes)
  • Cardboard shipping boxes
  • Other cardboard boxes (tissue, cereal)

**Curbside bulk pickup is limited to 1-2 items per pick up and applies to household items only and must be at the curb the night before your scheduled pick up. The following items are not included for curbside bulk pick up: paint, chemicals, liquids, stumps, tree, masonry, lumber, logs, bricks, used oil, batteries, stone, tires, propane tanks, construction, renovation or remodeling debris including kitchens, bath, decks and windows. Not responsible for curbside pickup of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc unless same have been de-charged and certified by an individual or entity licensed accordingly by the State of New York.

Suburban Carting Offers Residential Trash Services at Affordable Rates

Suburban Carting is the leading waste management company in Westchester and Putnam counties and offers professional residential trash services for households. Call us at (800) 273-9394 or visit our contact page.


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