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Trash Removal Services in Ossining NY

Suburban Carting is the contracted vendor for trash removal and recycling services for Ossining, NY. We are proud to serve the Town of Ossining NY with professionalism and efficiency.

click here to download Ossining Sanitation and Recycling Schedule.

Trash Removal Notes

  • Bulk Trash collection occurs once a month from March to December, on the second Wednesday (provided no holiday occurs that week)
  • No more than 2 cubic yards of bulk trash will be collected from each household
  • Machinery containing gasoline, water, oil, or any other fluids must be emptied
  • Construction, remodeling, and demolition debris will not be collected
  • All refuse, recyclables, and bulk trash must be places curbside before 7:00 AM on scheduled collection days or after 7:00 PM the night before pickup

Recycling Notes

  • The Town of Ossining NY is required to recycle paper, plastics, glass and metal
  • Metal recyclables include food cans, beverage cans, empty aerosol cans, clean aluminum foil, pie plates, and tray.
  • Glass recyclables include all clear, green, brown glass jars and bottles of any size.
  • Paper and cardboard recyclables include all newspapers, phone books, colored and glossy periodicals, magazines, junk mail, brown paper bags, cardboard boxes, and corrugated cardboard
  • Items that cannot be recycled are cellophane/shrink wrap, plastic bags/dishes, Styrofoam, hangers, vinyl, toys, flowerpots and containers which held potentially hazardous materials

Suburban Carting is Proud to Be Provide Trash Removal Services for Ossining NY

Suburban Carting is the leading carting company in Westchester and Putnam counties. If you have questions about our trash removal services in Ossining NY, call us at (800) 273-9394 or visit our contact page.


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